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Our organization is always on the lookout for new business relationships; both for our prescription and non-prescription drugs.

Myriad Pharma’s Strengths

Close contacts with pharmaceutical banners’ head offices

Thanks to our management team’s credibility and reputation, we enjoy privileged access with key people at pharmaceutical banners so we can quickly introduce a new product to them. As a result, you can bring your product to market more quickly.

A Dedicated and Devoted Sales Force

Having sales representatives that are devoted to a product is an essential step to maximizing its distribution. That dedication is part of Myriad Pharma’s DNA, and it allows us to make a difference for our partners. Our sales force ensures it stays present in the field with regular visits to pharmacy managers and pharmacists.

A Credible Approach

With today’s consumers more informed than ever, we have a duty to relay factual, accurate and precise information to stakeholders. That is why we train everyone in our sales force to understand a product’s technical aspects and how it works before they can represent it.

An Experienced Management Team

Over the years, the pharmaceutical industry in Quebec has undergone many changes. Our management team, however, is particularly proud of its stability and the wealth of market knowledge it has acquired over the years. We can, therefore, give our partners sound advice and deploy the efforts needed to ensure they reach their goals.

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Our partners

Myriad Pharma is always ready to explore new partnership opportunities.

Logo CutiBase Ceramyd

Cutimed Inc.

Cutimed is a company that specializes in dermatological products designed to revive, restore and retain the skin’s protective barrier.
Product(s): Cutibase Ceramyd

Logo Medexus Pharma

Medexus Pharma

Medexus Pharma is the only pharmaceutical company specialized in paediatric care in Canada with sales and marketing expertise in the paediatric market segment. Product(s): Nyda

Logo Mölnlycke


Mölnlycke is a global leader of innovative medical solutions for wound care, surgical safety and efficiency improvement, and pressure sore prevention. Product(s): Mölnlycke