Mantra Solutions advises and trains laboratory teams to optimize their daily operations.

Authorized Professional Activities

Navigating Them, Adapting to Them and Organizing Around Them. // AVAILABLE IN FRENCH ONLY //

Continuing Education Program


The field of pharmacy has undergone many changes over the past few years, resulting in an increased need for training and support for the entire laboratory team. As a result of this, we have designed a new continuing education program from the ground up.

  • A possibility of up to 46 UFC credits over 2 years
  • Addressing pharmaceutical care, laws and regulations, human resources, profitability and more
  • Courses adapted for pharmacists as well as PTAs
  • Focused on topical issues
  • A program designed for collaborative work


More comprehensive

  • We train the whole laboratory team on common topics, but we approach it differently depending on the person’s respective role.
  • We cover all aspects of professional pharmacy life, including not only individual functions, but collaborative ones too.


More practical

  • We ensure knowledge is being transferred by helping people implement the notions they acquired into their work environment.
  • We specialize in case study presentation.
  • We provide working tools made available through our web platform once courses are completed.


More personalized

  • We choose training topics with the help of our advisory committees working in the field on a daily basis.
  • We offer personalized post-training coaching sessions to ensure measures are implemented in pharmacy.
  • We adapt to the reality of participants by offering both live and self-study training options.
  • We offer an innovative webinar concept that will capture participants’ attention.
  • On propose un concept de webinaire innovant qui captivera l’attention des participants.

CCVD – Container-Content Verification Delegation


Medication Circuit Integration

Integration training for the laboratory team.
Complex to simple procedures with customization options.

Training Modules for PTAs


What we offer

Our training courses are built as à la carte modules, covering all the tasks of a PTA in a community pharmacy. This allows you to choose the modules that correspond to your current needs, whether you are training a new PTA or upgrading your existing employees’ training. Once you have selected your modules, each one will be adapted to the reality and operation of your laboratory. Each module includes theoretical training, a practical coaching period, learning tools and an evaluation.


The details

  • A team of mobile trainers
  • Customized training programs
  • Available throughout Quebec


The benefits of training with an experienced PTA

  • Communication from one PTA to another is easier
  • Knowledge passed on in words that are commonly understood
  • Emphasis on information that is relevant and useful to a PTA
  • Tips and tricks acquired by our trainers in pharmacy
  • Greater credibility


Seven à la carte units

  1. Introduction to the position of PTA
  2. Processing a prescription
  3. Computerizing a prescription
  4. Managing pillboxes
  5. Managing special products
  6. Managing inventory and stock
  7. Customer service

Integrating Nursing Services in Pharmacy



Ensure nursing staff training as it relates to the various services offered in pharmacy.



  • Training on the various services offered in pharmacy
  • Remote access to a resource nurse
  • Personalized advertising
  • Web platform with all the tools, including content updates

Drug and Vaccine Administration Techniques

14 hours of learning, including 4 hours of theory and 10 hours of practice.